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    SemanticForce is Google RealTime search on steroids offered on very competitive terms.
    • High-tech
    Геннадий Корнев
    Head of Content Acquisition and Distribution Pocketbook International | LinkedIn
    This monitoring system in my opinion the strongest and operational at the moment. It not only helps me in my work, but also a great many of my clients. In Ukraine and Russia clearly are no similar systems, except that I have not seen similar quality systems throughout the world, although there is not enough and many of them I enjoyed. I think this is something that you can "hear" all that "say" in the network of your business and products, and about you as well.
    • Agencies
    Anthony Biletskiy
    Viral Marketing Expert Business2People | LinkedIn
    I recommend this product.
    • Media
    Artem Bosov
    CEO FreetoPay | LinkedIn
    I've used SemanticForce listening platform @Luxoft to gain competitive intelligence and analyze feedback regarding LXFT from our partners, clients and employees. Service featured comprehensive coverage regarding our brand and competitors from IT forums to SlideShare presentations. If you're looking for the robust and cost-effective online media/social media monitoring and analysis tool, give SemanticForce a try.
    • High-tech
    Michael Tsapenko
    Partner Sales Executive Microsoft
    SemanticForce is just essential for SMM activity. We've used platform to track mentions of brands in social networks as well as on mainstream news sites.
    • Agencies
    Yulia Sidletska
    Мarketing Director Inspirexia | LinkedIn