Data collection

W3Monitor Tracks Changes and Discussions
The system engages SemanticForce W3Monitor technology which tracks changes at any resources, including websites without RSS, page fragments, comments to publications and discussions on discussion boards.

Full-text Microblogs (Twitter) Index
SemanticForce automatically indexes texts of articles referred to in messages (tweets) in microblogs. This allows finding indirect mentions of an object and considerably extending the coverage.

Social Networks Indexing
To track popular social networks such as Facebook, VKontakte, GooglePlus, SemanticForce’s proprietary search algorithms are used. Morphological features and a specific nature of a particular network are considered, which allows greatly increasing a volume of tracked mentions.

Global News Monitoring
A wide coverage of regional and international online mass media: 250,000 resources in 150 countries of the world.

Twitter Firehose
Twitter Firehose technology is used to track high-frequency objects, which allows receiving data from Twitter without delay or limitations on the volume of the downloaded information.

Object Search
A SemanticForce technology which allows tracking indirect mentions (a brand or a product is not mentioned directly) on websites containing feedbacks, comments on goods at online shops etc.

Profile analysis

This technology allows tracking behavior of the author of the mention and his attitude to the object of monitoring, automatically searching his profiles in the Internet and gathering a history for the purpose of further analysis and involvement.

The identification of the geographical location of the author of the message. To this end an internal database of dictionaries, information from the user’s profile, geo tags and other parameters are used.

Message analysis

Object detection
An automatic selection and statistics by companies, products and persons mentioned in texts.

Hierarchical Clusters
This technology ensures navigation in data bulk distinguishing clusters by individual words which are often mentioned in the context with objects of monitoring.

Automatic categorization of the determined mentions with the addition of new categories allowed.

Object-oriented Sentiment
The sentiment can be set for a particular object in the mention, rather than the entire mention, which allows forming selections with various sentiment, for instance when a message says positively about a particular brand and negatively about its competitor.


Hierarchical Visualization of Messages
SemanticForce platform has a special architecture for storage, search and visualization of comments, which allows seeing comments below an original article or note that they initially referred to.

Export and integration

Integration with GoogleDocs
A possibility of automatic data export from SemanticForce platform to GoogleDocs for further team work over mentions.

Integration with Google Analytics
SemanticForce platform combines media and web analytics. Google Analytics – the most popular web analytics service – is integrated into the system. Analytical data from Google Analytics can be found in a report on sources.

Integration with Klout Score
A possibility to view Klout Score for twitter users in SemanticForce Dashboard.